Just Read the Headlines……

Posted on: March 13, 2014         Share This:

MPP wants action for overbilled Ontario customers

County supports call for Hydro One review

Ombudsman to probe Hydro’s baffling billing practices

Come clean on Refund Policy

Hydro One to face major investigation as billing complaints mount

Loophole lets millions drain from hydro fund

Hydro One promises to fix billing fiasco

Like wrestling with a slippery pig: Ontario Ombudsman

These and many other similar headlines of recent date are damaging the long-trusted credibility that has been built up over decades by utilities among its customers. What was long taken for granted, namely utility bills that customers could glance at and expect to be correct are now being seriously questioned not by a few customers but by thousands of customers. From the Ontario Ombudsman to MPPs to Councils to customers, the chorus hailing the errors and inadequacies of utility bills is growing. The ombudsman plans to take six months to complete his probe of Hydro One’s billing practices affecting 1.3 million customers.

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Wayne Taggart