Ongoing Monitoring

stock-photo-businessman-looking-through-a-magnifying-glass-to-documents-115187251Utility Advocates Inc. can monitor your utility and supplier invoices on an ongoing basis to ensure that you will never inadvertently overpay on present and future indirect cost services.

It’s rarely your supplier’s first priority to ensure that you’re being charged the appropriate rates. In fact, interpreting the complexities of rates and tariffs, and understanding the alternative options are your responsibility.

Ongoing monitoring provides the assurance and comfort in knowing that supplier and utility providers are charging you correctly.

How Ongoing Bill Monitoring Can Help Your Company

Assure savings

We provide assurance that your company will continue to receive ongoing savings of previously negotiated rates and tariffs.

Enhance process efficiencies

We assist in creating process efficiencies in your current practices while optimizing results.

Ongoing Monitoring Success Story


After we assisted in formulating a cost effective waste services agreement for a long standing food services client, we discovered that they were being overcharged by their waste supplier shortly afterwards.


Utility Advocates Inc. recovered approximately $4,000 in overcharges over a 3 month period for the client.


Our recommendations to improve specific service rates with the client’s waste supplier yielded $16,000 per year in projected ongoing savings. In addition, we identified areas of improvements in the terms and conditions of the client’s waste service agreement. After implementation of our recommendations, we discovered that the waste supplier’s billed charges did not correspond with the agreed upon contracted rates. We informed our client of the overcharges and requested a refund from the waste supplier due to the billing errors we discovered.