Procurement Services

stock-photo-portrait-businessman-with-touch-icon-concept-106743836We manage our client’s electricity, natural gas, and fuel supply requirements under one umbrella. Our clients receive independent and objective procurement strategies for their specific requirements without any administration, management, or set-up fees.

Utility Advocates Inc. can solicit offers from suppliers on your behalf and negotiate a favourable agreement with competitive rates, terms and conditions. We also monitor your service providers to ensure compliance with existing service agreements.

How Procurement Services Can Help Your Company

Outsourcing specialists

We dedicate the time, training, and resources to facilitate procurement strategies within your organization.

Enhance negotiations

We demonstrate proven results through effective negotiations to ensure that you are receiving the most competitive rates with reputable suppliers.

Decrease complexity

With our expertise and vast knowledge of suppliers and vendors, we simplify the procurement process and make it easier to evaluate service providers.

Procurement Services Success Story


A property management client hired Utility Advocates Inc. to review their energy costs.


We saved the client $240,000 per year in natural gas supply costs.


It became evident through our Forensic Bill Auditing process that the client experienced a 36% increase in their natural gas supply costs as a result of the gas supplier automatically renewing their gas contract for a 1 year term. Natural gas represented the largest cost in their overall budget and this surprise increase became concerning to the client. At the time of engaging with Utility Advocates Inc., they were 5 months into the renewal term of their existing contract. We submitted our recommendations based on current market pricing available and alternative supplier offers we obtained for them. The client decided not to renew with the existing supplier and signed with one of our supplier alternatives we recommended. As a result of implementing our recommendation, the client realized $240,000 in natural gas supply cost savings in the upcoming year.