Sustainable Energy Solutions

stock-photo-male-hands-holding-a-green-hill-with-wind-turbines-120662062Businesses are benefitting greatly from local, provincial/state, and federal incentive programs, such as Demand Response, Retrofit Program, Audit Funding, Process and Systems Upgrades, and the Feed-in-Tariff Program.

Utility Advocates can help facilitate renewable energy initiatives and procure energy-efficient suppliers. We can recommend reputable partners, new suppliers, or negotiate with and support your current preferred vendors.

Our objective evaluation helps to identify and understand your options. We work with your team to develop solutions that align with your organizational sustainability goals. With our involvement, we typically reduce our client’s carbon footprint anywhere between 3% -15%.

How Sustainable Energy Solutions Can Help Your Company

Improve sustainability

We demonstrate your energy and cost savings by providing comparative analysis and reports that help quantify reductions in energy demand and consumption.

Reduce your carbon footprint

With ongoing monitoring of your utility invoices, we can identify areas for energy reduction. We also assist your company comply with renewable energy initiatives and environmental sustainability goals.

Save time and money

There is often an upfront investment associated with the adoption of sustainable energy initiatives, but it comes with a very real financial benefit in the long run. We have extensive knowledge of qualified suppliers to help your business reduce its carbon footprint over time.

Sustainability Success Story


A client in the cold storage business was interested in roof-top solar generation but had no success implementing the solution themselves.


Utility Advocates Inc. assisted in facilitating a 500KW FIT 1 solar agreement for the client that yielded a 23% per year average leveraged after tax IRR for a guaranteed 20 year payment term with the Ontario Power Authority.


We were successful in connecting the client with one of our preferred solar vendors. After the roof top assessment and review of the financial model, the client wasn’t going to miss this exciting opportunity. After several months of due diligence, the client entered into a 20 year FIT 1 solar agreement with the solar vendor. As a result, the client will earn significant financial benefit for many years to come and achieve their sustainability goals as well, all with the help of Utility Advocates Inc.