Realize Refunds & Savings

stock-photo-business-graph-152631932Uncovering opportunities for refunds and savings is only the first step.

After completing our Forensic Bill Auditing process, you may choose to implement our recommendations on your own. Alternatively, and with your approval, we can negotiate with your supplier and utility providers, advocating for any available credits, discounts, refunds, and savings.

Negotiating can be a time-consuming, frustrating process – that’s why we can take care of it for you. We can save you time, effort, and resources by having us implement our recommendations on your behalf.

Depending on the complexity of the implementation process, refunds and savings can be achieved within weeks and in some cases, several months. We can go as far back as possible in your records in search of refunds and savings potential. Ultimately, we don’t get paid unless you receive financial benefit from our work.

How Realizing Refunds & Savings Can Help Your Business

Rely on our knowledgeable advocates

Our advocates are the trusted advisors of choice. We advise you on any rate or price alternative, checking for errors or discounts not applied.

Negotiating on your behalf

We assist in creating process efficiencies in your current practices while optimizing results.

Focus on your business and save resources

Don’t try to do it alone. We have the expertise required to navigate through complex negotiations with your suppliers.

Realize Refunds & Savings Success Story


An industrial client was consistently and unknowingly overpaying their electricity bill


After 10 months of negotiations and advocacy, the client realized $109,000 in refunds and $22,000 per year in ongoing savings.


After careful analysis of their usage profile, it was determined that the client was being billed on incorrect delivery and transmission charges. We compared their billed charges to our internal rate database and calculated that the utility charges were overstated. We shared our findings with our client and proceeded to negotiate with the utility provider on their behalf. After 10 months of negotiations with the utility and advocating before the Ontario Energy Board, our client was reimbursed $109,000 in refunds. Moreover, the client experienced reasonable ongoing savings relative to their overall electricity cost.