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About Utility Advocates - Cost ManagementUtility Advocates Inc. is a leading independent cost management firm specializing in providing sustainable solutions for reducing energy, telecommunications, freight, petroleum, industrial gases, courier, waste, scrap metal, chemicals and raw materials expenditures for many industries.

We help businesses grow responsibly and operate profitably by empowering them with the strategies, market intelligence, and support to better manage their indirect costs and sustainability initiatives.

Billing errors often go undetected and cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Our Forensic Bill Audit and Verification Services, Cost Management and Consulting Services, Sustainable Energy Services, and Procurement Services provide risk management, cost certainty while optimizing financial value for the clients we serve. Our studies indicate that expenditures can be reduced by up to 30% with our professional management.

Cost Audits in Various Industries

Our dedicated team of analysts have performed cost audits for more than 10 years, in all states and provinces, in the following industries: Automotive, Manufacturing, Industrial, Retail and Distribution, Farming and Agriculture, Packaging, Property Management, Residential and Office Buildings, Municipalities, Hospitality, Food Services, Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities, Universities and Schools.

Effective Performance and Proven Results

Our knowledgeable consultants and professional staff are focused on delivering exceptional services, with an emphasis on effective performance and proven results. We follow through with our promises and objectives, we defend our work and the clients we serve, and we provide unbiased, objective recommendations that empower our clients to succeed.

It is our mission to ensure that your business receives the most competitive rates from your service and utility providers and we endeavor to add maximum value from the services we provide.

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