Billing Errors – From the Other Side

Posted on: March 27, 2014         Share This:

One of the least favourite responsibilities in an electrical utility customer service environment is to try to collect money from customers when the billing error is in the utility’s favour. There are scenarios when there is ironclad proof of a meter error or billing multiplier error or a difference between the meter data and a utility’s billing engine. It happens more often than one would think. Sometimes, meter technicians record meter data incorrectly when complex metering equipment is installed and where multiple meter data entries are required; sometimes meter data clerks record the information incorrectly into billing systems. If any of these folks are in some way unhappy with their work or pay or boss, they can create massive billing problems which may not surface until months or years down the road, if at all.

In my limited experience, I have collected more than an additional $1M from customers for billings that go back over the previous couple of years. Utilities are enabled to collect based on Ontario Energy Board and Measurement Canada and each utility’s own policy statements. If a situation like this is happening to your business, there are powerful arguments available so as to not pay these utility back-billings or at least reduce the amounts payable. Utility Advocates Inc. has the expertise to help you.

Wayne Taggart